Throughout my conscious life in IT I accumulated a couple of projects that might be worth sharing. Here's the list of them structured by categories.


  • lein-droid — a Leiningen plugin for building Clojure/Android applications.
  • Neko — a toolkit library for developing Android applications in idiomatic Clojure.
  • — central site of Clojure-Android initiative
  • 4Clojure for Android — Android client for website (source).
  • Compliment — Clojure auto-completion library you deserve.
  • ac-cider — Emacs Auto-Complete plugin for interaction with CIDER.
  • Omniconf - fancy configuration library for Clojure applications.

Awesome WM

I've been an avid Awesome user for about six years now. I love this window manager as well as the ability to modify and extend it in every possible way.

  • devotion - an advanced Awesome theme/environment I currently use.
  • menubar - a dmenu-style application launcher.
  • awesompd - highly functional MPD widget/client with Jamendo support.