Yep, it's me

This page is a place where I'm supposed to describe myself with nouns and adjectives while simultaneously pretending to be much deeper than the shallow description I wrote. If that's the game, then I'm among everything else a software engineer at Grammarly, Clojure/Lisp aficionado, strong believer in DevOps/full service ownership, distributed systems amateur and enthusiast. I'm having genuine fun developing software, and I constantly try to improve the ways to do it.

The name "Bytopia" comes from Dungeons and Dragons lore where it is a plane of existence also known as "Twin Paradises of Bytopia". I kind of like the name and how it sounds like byte-op-ia so I've picked it as the domain (couldn't get .com though :-/). I hope Wizards of the Coast don't get mad at me for that.

This site would never happen if not for these marvelous gems: GNU Emacs, Org-mode, static. I am much obliged to their authors for creating such a great projects and sharing them with everyone.

Feel free to contact me at any time for any possible reason at alex@bytopia.org. Sometimes I hang around on #clojure channel at freenode as alexyakushev.